The HORTEX company is a Polish company which began its history at 1944, when the Central Economic Cooperative of Horticulture of the Republic of Poland was established. In 1949 it transformed into the Headquarters of the Horticultural Cooperatives (CSO). In 1958 Foreign Trade Enterprise was established under the name of “HORTEX”.
The name HORTEX comes from two words – “hortus” – garden and “export”.
The HORTEX company has been launching a cooling tunnel for the production of frozen vegetables and fruit as the first in Poland. In the seventies the HORTEX production plant becomes the only supplier of agri-food products in Central and Eastern Europe. Currently, HORTEX has 3 modern processing plants. HORTEX produces mainly the frozen vegetables and fruit, juices, nectars and drinks.

HORTEX products are made of the best fruit and vegetables. Each product is created with enormous commitment and passion. The main goal is to create original flavour combinations and compositions. The HORTEX purpose is to offer to everyone products with unique taste achieved from the 100% juices, delicious nectars or refreshing drinks. The HORTEX brand makes sure that the daily nutrition with fruit and vegetables is comfortable and tasty.
HORTEX frozen products include

  • mono vegetables,
  • mixed vegetables,
  • fruits,
  • soups,
  • vegetables for the pan,
  • pasta for the pan,
  • HoReCa products.

The drinks include

  • juices,
  • nectars,
  • soft drinks,
  • the Leon children’s brand.

The food distributor MPT Stanro offers interesting HORTEX flavoured products, e.g. orange-apple-passion fruit drink, apple-strawberry-watermelon drink, apple-strawberry-watermelon drink.

In the HORTEX offer, also available at wholesale polish food distributors MPT Stanro, you can buy a smoothie with amazing flavours, e.g. pineapple-coconut-chia smoothie or mango-acerola-quinoa smoothie.

HORTEX also owns the COSTA juice brand, which offers such flavours as:

  • multivitamin drink,
  • apple drink.

The online food wholesaler also offers a wide range of LEON juices for children:

  • 100% Leon orange juice straw,
  • 100% Leon apple juice straw,
  • Leon drink apple cherry strawberry.

Mousses for children: Leon mousse apple-banana-mango have recently become very popular

The owners of grocery stores can also buy at MPT Stanro juices with traditional flavours:

  • apple juice,
  • orange juice,
  • blackcurrant nectar.

Other interesting HORTEX products available at the MPT Stanro food wholesaler include:

  • red borscht with apple,
  • beetroot & goji mousse or
  • Hortex Vitaminka Fruit & Veg,
  • Juice apple mango orange carrot parsley.