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The MPT Stanro fruit and vegetable wholesaler combines a rich offer with a professional approach and attention to detail, resulting in efficient distribution of fruit and vegetables while maintaining their freshness and unique taste. In addition, now ordering products is easier than ever before, the wholesaler also makes fresh vegetables and fruits available online - this way you can place an order at any time, every day!

Vegetables and fruits - wholesale at a good price

During many years of operation in the food distribution industry, we have acquired the knowledge necessary for efficient operation and have developed effective methods of optimizing our work. Continuous development and monitoring of changing customer expectations allow us to constantly expand our product range, maintain a stable position on the market and enjoy continuous trust for many years. All this means that we are able to offer a very attractive offer, which is distinguished primarily by three things:

  • the quality of the products offered, which is guaranteed by cooperation with respected producers,
  • a wide range of products thanks to which every customer will find interesting products,
  • competitive prices, allowing you to purchase wholesale quantities on favorable terms.

This is possible not only thanks to our experience, but also close cooperation with many Polish and foreign food producers - our credibility as a business partner gives us the opportunity to negotiate terms, which benefits all customers.

Fruit wholesaler – Szczecin

Vegetables and fruits full of vitamins are a basic element of a healthy and balanced diet of every person. However, these are food products that are extremely sensitive to temperature changes, so in order to retain their nutritional values throughout the entire journey from the producer to consumers' shopping baskets, they require special attention to the conditions in which they are stored. To ensure customer satisfaction, our fruit and vegetable wholesaler maintains optimal temperatures both during storage and transport - this ensures that the products we deliver are fresh, which is a guarantee of good taste!

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