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MPT Stanro is a grocery wholesaler offering a wide range of high-quality food and industrial products. For more than 30 years we have been supporting entrepreneurs running small, medium and large grocery stores in Poland and abroad.

Our extensive range of products and the work of MPT Stanro's experienced team enable us to grow steadily and strengthen our competitiveness in the market. We support entrepreneurs in the development of their own local business, and offer modern solutions to customers, including enabling them to order through the Stanro24 online ordering system - an online grocery wholesaler.

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Food wholesale


  • creation of a wholesale store


    Year 1991

    - emergence of a wholesale company

    MPT Stanro is the largest grocery wholesaler in Poland, it was founded in 1991 in Szczecin. Due to rapid growth and customer demand for groceries.

  • creation of the MPT Group


    Year 1997

    - the formation of the MPT Group

    The formation of the MPT Group, which brought together food wholesalers throughout Poland. This gave customers access to the best purchase prices and improved distribution quality.

  • warehouse construction


    Year 2007

    - warehouse construction

    Deciding to build a modern high-bay warehouse in the Goleniów Industrial Zone.

  • company formation


    Year 2013

    - incorporation

    Establishment of Prodetal by the MPT Group. The goal of the new company was to unite the retail stores into a single, well-organized entity.

  • signing a contract


    Year 2015

    - contract

    Signing of a partnership agreement between ,Mazovian Trade Agency (Społem) and MPT Group (Pro-Detal) which allowed further signing of agreements with PSS cooperatives in Poland.

  • development


    Year 2016

    - development

    Another step in development, acquiring customers outside Poland and expanding exports.

  • signing a contract


    Year 2020

    - contract

    The signing of a trade agreement between Chorten Group and Pro-Detal, the company that runs the Mila chain of stores, which allowed it to offer customers modern organizational solutions and favorable business conditions. Thanks to this agreement, Mpt Group has become a supplier to 3,000 Chorten stores.

30 years







Number of products

Food wholesale

Export development

A factor supporting the development of exports is the attractive location of MPT Stanro's warehouse, which has been placed near Szczecin, near the Polish-German border, in the northwestern part of the country. This extremely convenient location means that goods ordered and packed in Poland reach foreign countries in the shortest possible time.

At present, MPT Stanro, as a distributor of foodstuffs, exports food and industrial products mainly to Western European countries We are the main distributors of goods to the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, and one of the largest exporters of Polish food abroad.

Lowest prices
Lowest prices
99% order fulfillment
99% order fulfillment
Labels in all languages
Labels in all languages
10,000+ products
10,000+ products
Experienced staff
Experienced staff
Attractive location
Attractive location
Place orders 24/7
Place orders 24/7
Deposit systems
Deposit systems

We operate deposit systems in Germany (Pfand) and the Netherlands (Statiegeld)

Food wholesale


Our team is made up of experienced people, professionals with heads full of ideas for their development and the development of the company.

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How we contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals



Stanro actively contributes to Sustainable Development Goal 1 by providing affordable access to basic food and personal hygiene products, fostering partnerships with local producers, and implementing environmentally friendly business practices. The company invests in research, development, and education to effectively reduce poverty and enhance the quality of life for vulnerable communities.



Stanro's commitment to Sustainable Development Goal 2 focuses on ending hunger and promoting sustainable agriculture. The company strives to ensure access to healthy food, supports initiatives to reduce food waste, and engages in social programs combating malnutrition and hunger. Through partnerships and consumer education, Stanro actively promotes sustainable choices in the community.


Good health
and well-being

Stanro is dedicated to Sustainable Development Goal 3, emphasizing health and well-being for all. The company offers products that promote a healthy lifestyle, supports educational programs on healthy living, and prioritizes the well-being of employees. Active participation in social campaigns aims to combat diseases and promote health awareness in the community.



In pursuit of Sustainable Development Goal 5, Stanro focuses on gender equality, advocating for equal opportunities, fair wages, and diversity in the workplace. The company engages in educational programs to support women's development and promotes inclusivity, striving for an equal work environment.


Decent work
and economic growth

Stanro's commitment to Sustainable Development Goal 8 involves promoting decent work and economic growth. The company emphasizes ethical work practices, eradication of forced labor, and fair compensation. Stanro contributes to economic stability by creating jobs, supporting training programs, and ensuring a safe working environment.


Industry, innovation and

Within the framework of Sustainable Development Goal 9, Stanro emphasizes innovative and sustainable infrastructure. The company seeks modern solutions in production, distribution, and packaging, aiming to minimize environmental impact. Stanro supports projects related to sustainable transport and logistics, focusing on efficiency and reduced ecological footprint.



Stanro actively contributes to Sustainable Development Goal 10, aiming to reduce inequalities by promoting equal opportunities, eliminating pay gaps, and fostering workplace diversity. The company strives to create an inclusive environment where all employees are treated with respect and equality.



Stanro's commitment to Sustainable Development Goal 13 centers on climate action. The company consistently works to reduce its impact on climate change by implementing measures to limit greenhouse gas emissions and investing in sustainable technologies and practices.

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Modern system

MPT Stanro, as a leading distributor of food products, continuously monitors customer preferences in Poland and abroad. We are aware that customers' expectations and needs are changing dynamically, which is why MPT Stanro systematically adjusts its range of food and industrial products to market needs, as well as introducing more and more modern tools.

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