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Our food wholesaler is the largest distributor of food products on the local and foreign markets, we also deliver products with our own transport outside the European Union. You will build your business with us.

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Wholesale grocery store - Szczecin

At present, MPT Stanro, as a distributor of foodstuffs, exports food and industrial products mainly to Western European countries We are the main distributors of goods to the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, and one of the largest exporters of Polish food abroad.

Wholesale food and industrial products MPT Stanro is a guarantee of quality and satisfaction with your purchases - our offer includes the highest quality and carefully selected products from well-known and respected manufacturers from all over the world!

Our many years of experience as a food distributor have allowed us to develop effective storage and delivery systems that guarantee efficient order fulfillment.

We transport the purchased goods to the site with our own transport, so we can be sure that the right conditions are maintained throughout the journey to ensure that the quality of all products is maintained. The entire process - from the receipt and completion of the order to the moment of delivery - is supervised by a well-qualified team that takes care of every detail, even the smallest, so that each customer can be fully satisfied with the cooperation.

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Thanks to constant cooperation with the leading manufacturers in the market, we have created an offer that is characterized not only by a huge variety, but also by attractive pricing terms that definitely distinguish us from the competition.

To increase the convenience of our customers, we have also introduced an online ordering system. Now our offer of groceries is even clearer, and most importantly - available around the clock, every day!

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We offer more than 12,000 food and industrial items from Polish and foreign manufacturers!

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Have you ever dreamed of a career that will allow you to develop your interests while providing financial stability? We have an offer for you that can make that dream come true!

We are a company that sells groceries in Poland and around the world, but we are not an ordinary company. We break barriers, innovate and deliver our goods to many countries. And now we are looking for people who are ready to join us in this mission! Not only will you have the chance to participate in groundbreaking projects, but you will also gain stability and a competitive salary. We are looking for experienced, talent ready to grow with our company.

Don't wait! Change the world, develop your career and earn with us! Join our team ii see how we can impact the world together... and your bank account!

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