FORTUNA is one of the most famous juice brands on the Polish market.

The production of FORTUNA juices has started in 1991.
FORTUNA products are natural, healthy juices that are an alternative to the chemically processed juices and beverages. They are produced from very carefully selected fruits and vegetables that are harvested in the sweetest and most ripe period.
The most recognizable lines of FORTUNA juices are Garden, Pysio the brand for the youngest and the vegetable juice line called Karotka.
The offer of FORTUNA juices is extremely rich. It includes, for example Fortuna 1-liter juices and, juices in a smaller capacity, 100% pressed fruit and vegetables, 2-liter Garden juices.

The offer also includes juices in small cartons for children.

In the MPT Stanro – the Best polish food wholesale online – you can find FORTUNA

  • orange,
  • multi-vegetable,
  • multivitamin,
  • apple juices.

The FORTUNA brand enriches its offer with various flavours, such as, for example,

  • multi-vegetable juices with ginger,
  • tomato juice with tabasco.

The offer of the FORTUNA brand in the MPT Stanro food wholesaler is extremely wide, there are

  • nectars with flavours such as pineapple, black currant,
  • PYSIO juices for children, such as Pysio BIO apple-pear juice, Pysio BIO apple-banana-carrot juice.
  • lemonades, such as Apple-Rhubarb Lemonade, Lime Lemonade.
  • Smoothie with very interesting flavours, such as Smoothie Apple Banana Spinach or Apple Mango Pump.