Tago belongs to the Polish brand owned by TAGO PPC Tadeusz Gołębiewski, a Polish manufacturer of confectionery products. Tadeusz Gołębiewski to also the owner of the Gołębiewski hotel in Mikołajki, Karpacz, Białystok, Wisła and Pobierowo.

Tago offers a wide range of products, including in. french pastries, gingerbreads, wafers, wafer tubes, biscuits, biscuits, laminated biscuits and various luxury products in chocolate. Tago quality confectionery products are purchased for Tago’s payroll. Raw materials used in production come from carefully selected suppliers. The Tago company produces such tasty cookies as spice cookies, oatmeal cookies with chocolate, oatmeal cookies with sesame seeds, cake vanilla wafers, cocoa wafers, and hazelnut wafers. Tago is also tasty hearts. Tago is also famous for its tasty wafer tubes, repaired in various flavors, e.g. in chocolate and milk.

Tago also produces multi-flavored wafers with a cocoa, nut, honey, The Polish manufacturer of confectionery products also offers a wide range of biscuits, e.g. decorated sunflower biscuits, zabajone cardinals biscuits, cocoa-nut cardinals biscuits. The offer also includes fruit roulades with flavors such as: cherry, blueberry, raspberry, strawberry.

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