Victoria Cymes is a Polish company operating on the Polish market since 1989. Its main activity is the production of private labels in Poland and in the world, mainly drinks and juices. However, its portfolio also includes such products as: smoothies, fresh juices, bio juices, fresh juice of the day, Victoria flavors, salads, and salads.
The MPT Stanro food wholesaler mainly offers Victoria Cymes products targeted at the hotel and catering sector (HoReCo).

In the online warehouse you can buy bartender syrups and HoReCa syrups in large – 6.5 kg:

bartender syrup:

  • blue curacao ,
  • grenadine.

sun fruit syrup:

  • cherry ,
  • orange.

HoReCa syrup 6.5 kg:

  • peach,
  • cherry.

Victoria Cymes, in 2015, launched juices designed especially for the youngest consumers. The new product line is licensed by Tom and Jerry. They are 100% fruit juices with Produced in convenient 200 ml cartons with a straw.

A set of juices with three flavours is available for wholesale purchase at MPT Stanro online wholesaler – 100% Tom & Jerry mix juice. 3 flavours :

  • orange,
  • apple,
  • multi-fruit flavours.

Victoria Cymes also offers sparkling and still spring water called Aqua Queen.

These waters also come in a variety of flavours – lemon or strawberry.
At the MPT Stanro food wholesaler, you can also buy Victoria Cymes table and sapper mustard.