Maspex is the largest private Polish company in the food industry.
It is also one of the largest in Central and Eastern Europe.
It is a market leader in juices, nectars and beverages in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania. Maspex is a leading producer in Hungary, Bulgaria, Lithuania and Latvia.
Maspex is also a leader on the market of pasta, jams and sauces and a leading producer in the segment of ketchups, ready meals and vegetable preserves in Poland. Additionally, the company is also a leading player in the Romanian water market.
Maspex owns 60 brands in Poland and abroad.

Maspex products include:

  • juices,
  • nectars,
  • drinks,
  • water,
  • pasta and cereal products,
  • vegetable and fruit preserves,
  • instant products,
  • pharmaceutical preparations.

The most famous Maspex brands among juices:

  • Tymbark,
  • Kubuś,
  • Tarczyn,
  • Caprio,
  • Nesttea,
  • Dr Witt,
  • Tigger.

The most famous Maspex brand among pastas is Lubella, which is the leader on the pasta market in Poland.
Maxpex is a producer of vegetable and fruit preserves – among this product category the most famous brands:

  • Łowicz,
  • Krakus,
  • Kotlin,
  • Włocławek.

Another Maspex product category are instant products represented by brands such as

  • DecoMorreno,
  • Puchatek,
  • Cremona,
  • Ekland.

Maspex is also the owner of the pharmaceutical company Polski Lek S.A. producing preparations:

  • for colds, eg Verbascon,
  • effervescent vitamin preparations Plusssz.

The MPT Stanro food wholesaler offers a wide range of Maspex juices and drinks, for example:

  • Tiger energy drink,
  • Kubuś strawberry drink,
  • Tarczyn orange juice,
  • Kubuś 100% strawberry mousse,
  • Tarczyn juice multivitamin with green fruit,
  • Dr Witt drink multivitamin,
  • drink Kubuś Play carrot-raspberry-lime.