Red Bull

Red Bull was founded in the mid-1980s when Dietrich Mateschitz, while traveling in Thailand, accidentally bought the Krating Daeng drink. The name in Thai means red gaur (gaut is the name of the local cattle). The Austrian decided to take this drink to Europe. He saturated the drink with carbon dioxide so as to adapt it to the tastes of Europeans. In 1984, the Austrian Mateschitz founded a partnership with Chaleo Yoovidhya. the owner of the Thai drink company which produces the Krating Daeng. After three years, they started selling the Red Bull drink on the Austrian market.

Dietrich Mateschitz has created not only a new and unique product, but also a unique marketing concept. Red Bull’s success is largely due to unique marketing strategy.
Red Bull Energy Drink made its debut on the Austrian market on April 1, 1987. It created a completely new category of products was created – energy drinks.

Red Bull sponsors extreme sports from the beginning of its activity and organizes various proprietary extreme events. The company is present in formula 1 races, ski jumping, sponsors football clubs and hockey. Red Bull supports famous speedway riders and many rally and bicycle teams.
Red Bull products are available in over 169 countries. The company sells 4.2 billion cans of Red Bull each year.
RedBull’s offer is primarily Red Bull Energy Drink and Red Bull Sugar Free (sugar free), which are sold either in cans or bottles with a capacity of 250 ml. In 2012, Red Bull introduced limited series of Red Bull Blue Edition beverages with blueberry flavour, Red Edition with cranberry flavour and Silver Edition with lime flavour on selected markets, including German, British or Austrian.

The food distributor MPT Stanro in its offer offers the purchase of

  • Red Bull in 4 Packs (250 ml cans).
  • Red Bull Drink 250 ml bottle.
  • Red Bull drink 250 ml can.