OSHEE - napoje izotoniczne


OSHEE is a Polish brand with a foreign brand name. OSHEE is a leading brand of the isotonic drinks in polish market. OSHEE’s offer includes 50 products, which are exported to 27 countries on three continents. OSHEE’s mission is to promote a healthy style and promote the physical activity. OSHEE’s goals are achieved mainly by sponsoring the sports events.

OSHEE is a brand whose products are designed for active people who practice various sports.

At the MPT Stanro food wholesaler the offer includes OSHEE products such as isotonic, energy, vitamin products, jellies, candies, vitamin bars (no artificial dyes and preservatives), water, tea, zero calorie drinks, aloe, zero aloe, coconut water.

OSHEE is also the owner of well-known in Poland – Kinga Pienińska mineral water. The MPT Stanro food wholesaler offers such products as Natural Kinga Pienińska Water, Kinga Pienińska Water without gas, Kinga Pienińska Sportiva Water, and Kinga Pienińska Water in a green glass bottle.

Each OSHEE product has a label with detailed descriptions and caloric values. All brand products of dyes or artificial flavors.

OSHEE prepares products that are designed for results such as good eyesight, hangover, immunity, dehydration, thyroid problems, muscle spasms, mental performance, nervous system, healthy side, healthy bones, for healthy hair and nails, for fatigue and weariness, for slimming or detox.

The online food wholesaler MTP Stanro offers a wide range of OSHEE products. Provide drinks and bars:

  • isotonic drink Pink sports drink,
  • Vitamin Energy drink Magnesium formula,
  • Vitamin Recovery drink,
  • Vitamin Energy drink Vitamins and minerals formula,
  • Isotonic drink Oshee lime and mint,
  • Drink Vitamin water magnesium + vitamin B6,
  • Drink Pro Shot magnesium forte ,
  • Drink Vitamin water Junior apple-lemon.