Jutrzenka is a brand which belongs to the Colian sp.z o.o. capital group. The capital group is the owner of such well-known brands as: Goplana, Solidarność, Jutrzenka, Grześki, Familijne, Jeżyki, Akuku !, Appetita, Siesta and Hellena. Jutrzenka is a combination of traditional recipes and modern technology that make these sweets eaten by older and younger sweet lovers.

The brand Jutrzenka offers the traditionally baked Petit Beurre biscuits, colourful walnut pebbles and Milk dragees. For over 50 years, Jutrzenka has been offering delicious dried fruits and nuts in chocolate (raisins, hazelnuts and cherries). All Jutrzenka products are the highest quality. Jutrzenka’s products accompanies us everywhere and at any time.

Whenever we want something sweet, dragees or a biscuit or pebbles of Jutrzenka will be a great option. Jutrzenka’s products are perfect for a sweet snack for travel, at work or at home. Jutrzenka is also a brand of jellies prepared especially for the youngest -called Akuku! This brand offers jelly beans of various shapes and flavours. Its offer includes Jelly beans with a 30% reduced sugar level (Wąż-Paje and Zdrowocki), stuffed jelly beans (Owocki and Pyszczki) and Miśki Znakne in a sweet and more acidic version.

MPT Stanro at its online food wholesaler offers a wide range of sweet Jutrzenka snacks. The owner of the grocery store can order at attractive prices – Biscuits Jeżyki with such flavors as advocate, cafe, Milk dragees, Be-Be biscuits, Draże Kamyki Orzechowe, family wafers of various flavors: cocoa, cottage cheese, strawberry-cream. In the largest food warehouse in Poland, in MPT Stanro, you can buy the iconic Jutrzenka chocolate-covered dried fruits, such as, for example: cherry in chocolate, walnut in chocolate, raisins in chocolate.