Wedel is a legendary Polish company that produces the highest quality chocolate and chocolate products.
A brand associated with chocolate of exceptional quality and a pleasure to taste.
The history of the E. Wedel company dates back to 1851 and is inseparably connected with the three Wedel generations who built one of the most powerful Polish companies.

The Stanro grocery wholesaler has been cooperating with Wedel for many years.
The company is famous primarily for its delicious chocolates made according to a special recipe – milk, with additives and stuffed.

Wedel offers filled milk chocolates, such as milk chocolates with cherry cream, milk chocolates with pieces of cookies, milk chocolates with creme brulee filling or milk chocolates with a tiramisu filling, but also dark chocolate – bitter with coconut cream, bitter with flavored filling. espresso and bitter with cappuccino filling.
The supplier of Stanro groceries is also a distributor of the most popular Wedel delicacy – Ptasie Mleczko.
Ptasie Mleczko is a delicate foam coated with chocolate, which every year delights customers with a new version – the offer includes Ptasie Mleczko Pinacolada, Ptasie Mleczko Strawberry Shake or Ptasie Mleczko caramel coated with caramel chocolate.
The Wedel brand also includes the iconic Pawelek stuffed bars – cream, caramel or advocate, as well as original bars with a WW wafer, a fabulous bar or a pierrot.
Wedel’s biggest novelty at the moment is ice cream – not only chocolate-cream cones, but also mango sorbets, strawberry, caramel and very chocolate ice cream.