The FoodCare Group is a Polish family company, founded by Wiesław Włodarski in 1984. Thanks to the constant development of products, the company has become one of the leaders in the FMCG industry in Poland. Currently, FoodCare products are exported to over 50 countries. The company has 2 own factories and employs approx. 900 employees.
Initially, the company was called Gellwe and produced desserts based on traditional recipes.

Gradually, the Gellwe company is expanding its range of dessert products with such products as: powdered cakes, coatings, creams, baking additives and spices, gelling additives and other loose products (cocoa, drinking chocolate). In the following years, Gellwe introduces a new category to its portfolio – muesli in one-portion sachets under the Fitella brand.

In 2008, Gellwe changed its name to FoodCare.

The company expanded its portfolio in 2010-2011 with new brands of energy drinks (BLACK, N-GINE) and the isotonic drink 4MOVE.
In 2011, FoodCare also enters the segment of fruit drinks by reactivating the cult FRUGO.
In 2012, the legendary Mike Tyson becomes the ambassador of the BLACK Energy Drink brand.
The FoodCare company’s portfolio includes brands such as: beverages: Black, 4move, NGINE, Frugo, desserts: Gellewe and Fitella muesli.

The BLACK brand is a leader among energy specialists. In the MPT Stanro food wholesaler you can buy: Black Energy drink 250ml or 500ml can or Black Energy Mojito drink.

The 4MOVE brand includes isotonic and vitamin drinks, which quickly quench thirst, effectively hydrate the body, replenish vitamins and minerals lost during exercise. 4MOVE are drinks intended for people who live in active lifestyle, practice sports professionally and recreationally.

The MPT Stanro e-wholesale store offers such products as:

4 Move

  • multifruit isotonic drink,
  • Shot Vitamins + minerals drink,
  • Shot magnesium + B6 drink.

FRUGO are strongly fruity drinks, without preservatives, which are a unique combination of a unique taste with pure joy and unlimited freedom and freedom. FRUGO are drinks prepared from fruit juices, purees and concentrates, without the use of sweeteners, artificial additives and preservatives. The food distributor MPT Stanro offers its customers the purchase of FRUGO products such as: FRUGO red orangeade, FRUGO Super mango drink, FRUGO black drink, FRUGO green drink.

N-Gine is an energy drink that is intended for lovers of fast driving and dizzying speeds in everyday life. As a brand firmly embedded in the male world of the automotive industry. N-Gine for a drink that provides turbocharging when suddenly in everyday life there is a drop in speed and special power is needed. N-GINE is available from the Stanro food warehouse, where you can order N-Gine Blue energy drink wholesale.