The Coca-Cola recipe was developed in 1886 by a pharmacist from Atlanta – J.S. Pemberton . At first, selling Coca-Cola was not profitable. Only after Asa Candler took over her and his successful marketing efforts, the drink became a hit. Officially, the Coca Cola brand was registered in 1893.

Coca Cola’s product portfolio is divided into

  • carbonated beverages,
  • non-carbonated beverages,
  • water,
  • low-calorie-zero-calorie beverages,
  • coffee,
  • plant-based beverages.

The carbonated drinks include such products as:

  • Coca ‑ Cola Original,
  • Coca ‑ Cola Zero Cukru.

Coca-Cola Original is one of the most famous and most purchased carbonated drinks in the world. Coca Cola hit the shelves in Poland in 1972 – on the first day, customers bought over 5,000 Coca Cola units within an hour.

Coca Cola comes in three variants:

  • Coca ‑ Cola Original,
  • Cherry,
  • Lime.

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar is a product for those who do not want to give up the Coca-Cola flavour, but are looking for a drink that does not contain calories.
Coca-Cola Energy is a new product on the market, an energy drink with the Coca-Cola flavour that consumers love. It has a composition that contains natural caffeine, guarana extract and B vitamins, and does not contain taurine.

Sprite is a crisp carbonated drink that was launched in 1961. And it is currently sold in 190 countries.

Fanta – is one of the most popular carbonated drink brands in the world. It is consumed daily over 130 million worldwide.
It is currently available in three flavours:

Fanta Orange,

Fanta Madness,

Fanta Shokata.

Kinley Tonic Water Tonic has become a favourite drink of gentlemen and is associated with elegance and refined taste. It has been developed from those who can appreciate the unique taste: it is not too sweet, clear, with a delicate bitterness.

It is available in five variants:


Non-carbonated drinks
are represented by products such as: FUZETEA, CAPPY, Powerade, and AdeZ® juices.

FUZETEA is the perfect combination of tea extract, delicious fruit juice and a bit of herbs or flowers.

  • This combination creates a multi-dimensional tea flavor.
  • FUZETEA with rooibos, berries and honey,
  • FUZETEA with oolong tea, grapes and lychee,
  • FUZETEA with green tea and passion fruit with no added sugar,
  • FUZETEA with black tea, lemon and lemongrass,
  • FUZETEA with green tea and chamomile,
  • FUZETEA with the flavor of black tea, peach and hibiscus,
  • FUZETEA with the flavor of green tea and citrus,
  • FUZETEA with the flavor of green tea, lime and mint.

CAPPY – Cappy juices not only offer great taste, but also provide the body with vitamins and nutrients.

Powerade are low-calorie isotonic drinks.

This line includes Powerade:

  • Sports Drink Mountain Blast and Lemon,
  • Powerade Vitamin & Mineral.

The following products are available in the online wholesale store:

  • Powerade berry isotonic drink.

AdeZ® are plant-based drinks enriched with vitamins and minerals, including vitamin D and calcium.

The leading product of Coca Cola is Kropla Beskidu – low-mineralized natural mineral water.
Kropla Delice is produced in the glass bottle – an elegant natural, semi-mineralized mineral water.

The MPT Stanro food warehouse also sells Monster Energy products – the most extreme energy drink.

In MPT Stanro access to different variants of this drink:

  • Energy Drinks Monster Mango Loco,
  • Energy Drinks Monster The Doctor,
  • Energy Drinks Monster Pipeline Punch.