August Storck KG is a German confectionery manufacturer whose products have been delighting consumers' palates since 1903. During its more than 100-year history, this family company, which started in Berlin, has transformed into one of the leaders in confectionery production in the world. Today, the brand's products can be found on store shelves in over 100 countries, and its plants employ over 7,000 people!

What is behind the unflagging popularity of Storck products? Above all, it is the unique taste that accompanies sweets lovers at every stage of life, the quality resulting from maintaining high standards during production and the use of the best ingredients, as well as a diversified portfolio. The company's activity is based on a combination of experience and innovation. Well-known products are a permanent element of the offer, which is regularly supplemented with new products - classic flavor combinations meet here with new variants, so both those looking for proven solutions and those wanting to discover new flavors will find something for themselves.

Storck also offers the products included in its offer sweets wholesaler MPT Stanro. This is a range of brands appreciated by all generations, like candies Werther's Original and wafers Knoppers, full of vitamins Nimm2 and rubber Mamba for the youngest, but also chocolates merci, caramel pralines Toffifee and refreshing candies Ice fresh. As an experienced food distributor, we provide fast deliveries in conditions that guarantee the highest quality.