The history of Ptasie Mleczko

Ptasie Mleczko – the name literally mean “bird’s milk” in Polish language. The meaning is similar to the English idiom ‘as rare as hen’s teeth’. Ptasie Mleczko is one of the strongest Polish brands recognized in many countries.

Do you know where does the name come from?

The idea for Ptasie Mleczko was brought to Poland in 1936. Jan Wedel (the owner of chocolate factory) after his voyages to France was inspired to develop this soft marshmallow covered with famous dessert chocolate.
According to the company’s history, Wedel’s inspiration for the name is also connected to his voyages to France, when he asked himself: “What could bring greater happiness to a man who already has everything?” Then he thought: “Maybe only bird milk“.

Jan Wedel registered trademark “Ptasie Mleko” and “Ptasie Mleczko” in the Patent Office. Unfortunately, in 1956 the trademark expired, because Polish government didn’t extend it. What’s more, this unique recipe for Ptasie Mleczko was presented in Soviet Union. Along with economic changes in Poland – the trademark has been renewed by Wedel company. That’s why in the stores we find many similar names for similar sweets – for example “Alpine milk”. But these sweets cannot have identical name to Wedel products.

Currently, Ptasie Mleczko is available in various flavors as well as in interesting seasonal editions. We recommend tasting WEDEL Ptasie mleczko Paradise Island, WEDEL Strawberry Shake in white chocolate or WEDEL Ptasie mleczko with the flavour of coconut. These are just some of the delicious proposals!

All flavors of Ptasie Mleczko can be found on the shelves in stores, where MPT Stanro delivers its products