Żywiec Zdrój

Żywiec Zdrój – spring water balanced by nature.

Żywiec Zdrój is a part of the global Danone corporation. In its activities, the company is follows such values as humanism, openness, closeness and enthusiasm. An extremely important element of the bravery of Żywiec Zdrój is social responsibility, which is why the company cares about the natural environment with special care.

Żywiec Zdrój products are spring water balanced by nature in the version with and without bubbles, as well as flavoured, carbonated and non-carbonated products, enriched with a hint of herbs and fruit or a drop of sweetness. Żywiec Zdrój offers refreshing products based on crystal water.

In the polish food wholesale MPT Stanro store owners can buy Żywiec Zdrój still, Żywiec Zdrój carbonated, Żywiec Zdrój lightly sparkling, Żywiec Zdrój in a glass bottle.

The Żywiec Zdrój product lines with a hint of fruit are a combination of Żywiec Zdrój mountain spring water, extracted from the heart of the Żywiec region, with a hint of fruit.

MPT Stanro food wholesaler offers its customers the purchase of Żywiec products such as:

  • Żywiec Zdrój with a hint of orange and mango,
  • Żywiec Zdrój with a hint of lime and mint,
  • Żywiec Zdrój with a hint of strawberry.

Żywiec Zdrój has prepared a line of Żywiec Zdrój products for children. The company would like to encourage the youngest consumers to drink water. The brand’s offer for children includes products adapted to different age groups to facilitate the change of eating habits to healthier ones, regardless of the child’s age.
Products for children are also Żywiec Zdrój with the taste of fruit, which is a combination of high-quality, crystal, mountain water and delicious fruit taste.
The Żywiec Group is also the owner of Dobrowianka mineral water, which directed for an active women. Dobrowianka is a natural, low-mineralized water.

The polish food wholesale MPT Stanro also offers non-alcoholic beers from Grupa Żywiec, such as Warka Radler 0% grapefruit with orange, Warka Radler Beer Non-alcoholic Apple Mint or Warka Radler 0% dark beer with lemon.