Vitamin bomb for your child

Winter is coming slowly and access to fresh fruit decreasing. So how do you provide your child with the necessary vitamins and nutrients? You can prepare healthy and delicious puree juices yourself. The basis of such juice can be carrot – rich in antioxidants that will affect the use of eyesight and strengthen immunity so important in the autumn and winter season. Add a pumpkin, apple and you will compose a vitamin bomb that will become your weapon against intrusive viruses.

Here is the recipe for carrot, pumpkin and apple puree juice:


1.5 kg peeled and diced pumpkin
1.5 kg of peeled, core-free and sliced apples
1 kg of peeled, cut into small pieces carrots
0.5 kg of sugar
juice of 3 lemons


Boil the vegetables until soft in a small amount of water, then mix each separately. Add lemon juice and optional sugar to taste, then top up with water until the juice is thick. Pour the hot juice into washed scalded bottles / jars, then pasteurize for 20 minutes.
If you do not have time to prepare the juice at the moment, then choose a large Winnie with a capacity of 0.9l with the following flavor:


Enjoy jour fresh juice!