Food products

Food products at MPT Stanro food wholesaler you can find a wide range of such products as high-quality sweets, coffee, tea, hot drinks, snacks, preserves, ready meals and instant meals, as well as baking additives, healthy food, baby food, water and drinks.Stanro's offer of food products includes many leading producers, not only Polish but also international, such as Nestle, Coca Cola, Wedel, Wawel, Pudliszki, Knorr, Redbull, Ulker, Eti, Olympia, Croco, Unilever, Mondelez.Stanro foos wholesaler offer includes the best-selling, selected products that provide our customers with the best sales and make the ordering a pleasant experience that our customers are willing to return to. Among the food products delivered by the Stanro supplier there are not only the highest quality products, but also all the original, new products introduced to the market and limited editions which are unavilable from other suppliers.

Fresh items

Stanro food wholesaler offers the highest quality fresh products. These are dairy products, cold cuts, delicatessen, fish, fruit and vegetables and homemade cakes.The dairy offer includes products of the best Polish producers, such as Danone, Zott, Piatnica, Mlekovita and Mlekpol and many others. Goods from suppliers arrive at the Stanro food distributor immediately after production, which is why they have long expiry dates and customers do not have to worry about returns.The supplier MPT Stanro offers delicatessen products from producers such as Gastronom, Virtu, U Jędrusia and delicious cakes from the confectionery of Nova, Daber and at Janeczka. The meat and cold cuts come from the largest Polish producers such as JBB, Drozd and Gustavus, Kier, Nik-pol or Madej i Wrobel. Supply of fresh products Stanro also has its own brand of cold meats - Dobre, selling well on the export market.The vegetables and fruits that the Stanro food supplier delivers to its customers come from trusted suppliers who make sure that the products are the freshest from the moment they arrive at Stanro until they reach the customer. Fresh products for the MPT Stanro food wholesaler are supplied by leading Polish producers such as Danone, Zott, Piatnica, Mlekpol, Mlekovita, Rolmlecz, Jbb, Kier, Duda, Madej and Wrobel, Gustavus, Gastronom, Virtu, u Jedrusia, Cukiernia Nova, u Janeczki, Cukiernia Daber.


Stanro online food wholesaler offers not only grocery products. Clients will also find a wide ramge of non-food, industrial and other products. We offer over 20 different cosmetics manufacturers, including products from Ziaja, Bielenda, Colgate, Procter and Gamble, Unilever, Nivea.Stanro's customers will also find the necessary cleaning agents and household itames from the largest brands, including international ones, such as Gigus, Global Cosmed, Unilever, Henkel, Benckiser, and Harper.In addition to cosmetics and household items, customers of the Stanro online wholesaler can also purchase shop fittings and accesories - various types of shop bags and carrier bags, but also price pins, product labels, laminated labels, poster frames, and poster templates. We also offer staff clothing aprons for meat / deli stands.The Stanro food wholesaler has been cooperating with the largest manufacturers of industrial products on the market for years, such as Bic, Politan, Aku, Konex, Ewa-pak. In the summer season, the offer includes the products of the manufacturer Dancoal, i.e. everything that is necessary for a barbecue - fire starters, coal, briquette, barbecue sets, and in the Christmas/Easter/Holiday season, Stanro also offers its customers napkins, baskets, decorations and decorative accessories for tables and housing.In the category of non-food products, customers will also find products for their pets - dogs and cats - food from brands such as Pedegree, Kitekat, Felix, Pupil, Purina, Frolic, Sheba and Friskies.