Mission and History

MPT Stanro is a best polish and interntional food wholesale online offering a wide range of high-quality grocery and non-food products. For over 30 years, we have been supporting entrepreneurs running small, medium and large grocery stores in Poland and abroad. Our extensive offer and the work of an experienced MPT Stanro team enable us to systematically develop and strengthen our competitiveness on the market. We support our clients in the development of their own local business, and we offer them modern solutions, among other things, enabling them to order via the Stanro24 online ordering system – an online food wholesaler.


MPT Stanro is the largest and polish and interntional food wholesale online in Poland, established in 1991 in Szczecin. Due to the rapid development and customer demand for grocery products, in 1999 a decision was made to build a new warehouse in Goleniów. The construction of a modern warehouse for a food warehouse began in 2000. From that moment onwards, MPT Stanro gradually expanded its product range, developing modern models of cooperation with local store owners to ensure their stable development.

MPT Stanro is part of the MPT Group, which was established in 1997 by combining food wholesalers from all over Poland. The MPT Group covers the entire area of Poland and actively sells to the domestic market as well as abroad. The MPT Group is a shareholder in the nationwide chain of grocery stores Mili, and is also developing the Chorten Group, a new chain of grocery stores.

Since 2005, the Stanro food distributor based in Goleniów has been systematically introducing modern solutions that allow for the development of sales in the country and abroad. The introduction of an online ordering system enabled the dynamic development of export sales.

The factor supporting the development of exports is the attractive location of the MPT Stanro warehouse, which was located near Szczecin, at the Polish-German border, in the north-west part of the country. This extremely convenient location means that the goods ordered and packed in Poland go to foreign countries in the shortest possible time.

Currently, MPT Stanro, as a distributor of food products, exports grocery and non-food products mainly to Western European countries. We are the main distributors of goods to Great Britain, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, and one of the largest exporters of Polish food abroad. MPT Stanro has its own freight fleet, thanks to which we are able to efficiently deliver goods to our customers.

The customers of our food wholesale are owners of grocery stores, grocery and chemical stores, chemical stores, liquor stores, chain stores, corner stores, cafes and restaurants, catering recipients, and often also smaller food wholesalers.

MPT Stanro is a food wholesaler with over 30 years of experience. Constant and long-term cooperation with producers ensures that we obtain the best purchase prices. Our offer includes over 200 Polish and foreign producers, such as Pudliszki, Ferrero, Mlekpol, Coca Cola, Dr. Oetker, Hortex, Herbapol, Unilever, OSM Piątnica, Dawtona, Mlekovita, Sokołów Frito-Lay, Wedel, WaweL, Mondelez, Jacobs, Tchibo. We offer loyalty and discount programs as well as periodic promotions to the customers of our wholesale business. We regularly publish a promotional catalogue with attractive prices for grocery and non-food products, household products and shop equipment.

MPT Stanro, as a leader among the distributors of food products, constantly monitors the preferences of customers in Poland and abroad. We are aware that the expectations and needs of customers are changing dynamically, therefore MPT Stanro systematically adjusts its offer of grocery and non-food products to the market’s needs, as well as introduces more and more modern tools in order to help clients’ to easy the process of placing orders. One of the innovative tools introduced by MPT Stanro is an online ordering platform. Stanro24 is a modern system that allows constant and easy access to the current offer of food and industrial products. Stanro24 is an e-wholesale store where customers can place orders daily 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The quality of service at the MPT Stanro food wholesale is one of the most important elements influencing the building of partnership relations with customers and producers. The management staff, sales representatives, customer service employees and warehouse employees form a trained and experienced MPT Stanro team, caring for the fulfilment of our customers’ needs and building lasting and positive relationships with customers around the world.


Established in 1991
Availability 24h / 7 days
The number of products on offer: 10,000
Export destinations: Great Britain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia
Producers We work with the largest Polish and foreign producers
E-wholesale www.stanro24.eu