Sip of holiday!

The sun is shining, that’s why you are thirsty, but drinking only water gets boring. Of course, you can’t forget about drinking for your health. Whenever we are on a vacation, it’s time for egzotic flavours, full of freshness and inspiration. What will you say about possibility when every sip of a delicious drink will move you to another country. There you forget your worries, see fabulous landscapes that will take your breath away and the local cuisine will make your senses dance. So we start our journey with Tymbark, or more precisely with the series “Fruit of the World”.Fascinating Brasilia was an inspiration for “Green banana”. It will be great addition to tropical coctails. We will find refresh in “Cranberry” coming straight from Finland. The taste of “Cactus”, of course from Mexico, will enrich the taste of the most sophisticated cocktails, just like “Lime” – straight from the hot like volcano Cuba. The “Pomegranate” is Greece – full of secrets and juicy flavor. Tymbark juices will be great both with alcoholic drinks and ones without perceents. You need cubes of ice and fresh fruit and… cheers! However, before you set off on a holiday trip – go shopping. Tymbark Juices “The Fruit of the World” can be found in stores supplied by Stanro.