The regional dairy cooperative in Sierpc has over 90 years of tradition, good taste and the trust of Poles.
In 1927, local farmers and owners founded the first Sierpc dairy, which has transformed into a production site for his favorite cheese from Poles – the royal cheese from Sierpc.
The Stanro food wholesaler cooperates directly with the dairy in Sierpce, acquiring the freshest products straight from the manufacturer.
OSM Sierpc dairy has been passionately creating cheeses with a unique flavor for over a hundred years.
The Stanro online wholesaler offers a wide range of cheeses – from the most popular royal cheese from Sierpc and its smoked and light versions, through Swiss cheese in blocks and slices, salami cheeses, Italian cheeses and even cottage cheese.
Recently, the dairy has also been producing royal butter and pikserki cheeses – delicious and healthy cheese designed especially for the kds.
Their biggest advantage is the simple ingredient list without lactose and no artificial additives.