Share the magic of Christmas

Christmas are a time of sharing – not just wafers or wishes. We meet with loved ones, but we also remember about those who will not sit at the table full off Christmas Eve dishes. That’s why we cover for one more person, ready to accept a stray wanderer.

For some, Christmas is a particularly sad period, because they spent alone or with a foster family. Elderly people or children from an orphanage miss a family that they had or never had. And although the gifts are nice, they lack the most loved one to talk to, sing a carol or share a wafer.

That’s why it’s worth remembering about them. Not only during the holidays, but also after. We often stay with the fridge full or the bag full of sweets. So much is said about the fact that in many Polish homes, after Christmas, food is wasted in terrifying amounts. Instead of throwing away, we can hand over festive food to those in need. Perhaps in your block live mrs Krysia, an elderly woman, who barely has enough money for medication and fees, and spent the holidays alone. Visit her, offering dumplings and bigos, and invite her for a short conversation.

Or maybe you have a whole shelf of delicious sweets from Milka? Think how much joy would a Santa figurine or a pack of small snow balls bring to children from an orphanage? A Christmas box with chocolate treats or a set with a mascot will not replace the family, but will give a little more faith in the magic of Christmas and the goodness of people around.