Olimp Labs – New products on offer

At the special request of our customers, we have recently introduced the most desirable Olimp products to our offer. We started cooperation with Olimp due to changes in the grocery market  – our customers are looking for higher quality products, produced based on long-term research and products, which they can trust in a long-term.  

Olimp Labs is a leading manufacturer of nutrients, drugs, medical drugs, food for special medical purposes, products for athletes and people with an active lifestyle, and the highest quality dietary supplements. Olimp, which started its activity in 1990, is now a European leader in the production of food supplements. They focus on providing the highest quality products and ongoing improvement.  For years, the company has been creating modern trends in the area of ​​supplementation and creating unique recipes for products with innovative ingredients. Its offer includes 600 products exported to over 100 countries around the world. 

In Stanro, we focused on providing our client with the products that bring the greatest benefit. We have now introduced a wide range of supplements such as magnesium, potassium, vitamin D, caffeine and dietary supplements such as pure protein proteins, protein bars or BCAA amino acids. We regularly analyze what our clients need and expand our offer with new products.