New veggie line from Pudliszki and Pamapol

The leading polish companies of vegetable preserves and ready meals in jars – Pudliszki and Pamapol – have just introduced to their offer meals and products for people who do not eat or try to limit their meat consumption. Their delicious dishes can be a great addition or a replacement for traditional, everyday meals. 

Pamapol, under a separate Sorella brand, offered its customers not only veggie options, but also some new sweet treats. Ready-made vegan dishes from Sorella are filling and nutritious and a great option for even the most demanding customers. These products are provided in handy jars, so you can eat them at any time, as a lunch at work or as an evening meal after a busy day. The dishes of the new Sorella brand are products of the highest quality, which you can also see in their ingredients list – without the addition of preservatives, colourings, artificial flavourings or flavour enhancers.

Sorella offers its customers a range of lunch / dinner products – such as vegetable tomato, green pea or red pepper soups – but also ready-made jars such as exotic coconut curry, oyster mushroom tripe or chilli sin carne. For sandwiches or for snacks, the company offers its customers delicious pastes – paprika, oriental or mexicana, and for dessert – chocolate creams with cherries, raspberries or orange peel.

On the other hand, the producer of vegetable preserves, Pudliszki, just introduced new vegetarian version of their traditional products. We can choose from Mexican beans, beans in tomato sauce, chickpea stew or spicy quinotto. All new vegetarian products from both brands are now available in our online system in full range.