New manufacturers in our offer!

From this week onwards, Stanro has introduced cold cuts from new, high-quality producers: Maxpol, Spizarnia Dominika and Zimbo. Meat producer Maxpol is a company that can be proud of many years of Silesian tradition that offers its consumers a wide range of products of the highest quality. The products we included in our offer are pates, tenderloins, hams, sausages and various types of bacon.

Zimbo is another producer introduced to the offer just last week, highly valued in Europe for the production of cold meats with a unique aroma obtained thanks to the perfect composition of spices and traditional production methods. The history of the Zimbo brand dates back to the 1950s, when the first production began in the city of Bochum. Zimbo offers a wide selection of salamis and dry sausages. The most popular is the Spanish spicy chorizo sausage.

Spiżarnia Dominika is a Polish producer of ecological cold cuts, meats and sausages, produced according to traditional recipes and without the addition of preservatives. Spizarnia Dominika is a small local producer specializing in the production of dry, smoked sausages, kabanos sausages and hams. The products introduced to Stanro include, among others, Krakow, Mysliwska, Podwawelskie and Żywiec sausages, but also various tenderloins and bacons.