New Easter products

From the beginning of this month, we extend our offer for a wide selection of Easter products and accessories. In our online ordering system you will already find Easter baskets, palm trees, egg decorations (colourings, paints, markers). We also offer table napkins, paper and fabric, and decorations for Easter baskets (bunnies, chicks, lambs). Ferrero already has in its Easter offer limited edition chocolate bunnies, toys, and chocolate Maxi eggs or entire Ferrero stands with the entire Easter assortment. As first company in the market we also offer limited Mondelez and Wedel Easter products, such as Easter chocolate sets.

The Easter offer also includes new cold cuts from Bacówka, white sausage from Kier and a wide selection of sausages and cold cuts from Gustavus, JBB, Madej i Wrobel, Sokolow and many more. For the Easter table, we offer the highest quality dairy products from Piątnica (cheesecake cheese for baking, cream and cottage cheesees) as well as a wide selection of delicatessen products such as Dega vegetable salads and Lisner and Seko fish pastes, as well as special ready-made sour soup bread.

We also offer a selection of the freshest cakes from the Nova Confectionery, Daber Confectionery and u Janeczki. You will find all the Easter cakes – pound cakes, fruitcakes, shortbreads and many others. Find all of our new products on stanro24.online!