summer drinks

New drinks for 2021 season

The most bestselling drink producers already introduced a new offer with spring and summer products. This season, Herbapol has launched a new line of healthy, refreshing tea drinks in a range of flavors (white with raspberry, nettle with quince, mango mint and green with lemon). These are low-sugar drinks with herbal extracts and an extra dose of vitamins. The drinks are sold in small, handy bottles that can be taken on a picnic or on a trip. Fortuna has introduced a range of tropical fruit smoothies (mango-passion fruit, guyava-acerola) and seasonal flavoured smoothies (beetroot-apple, banana-blueberry). However, the most popular among customers are the new products from the energy drink manufacturer Tiger – energy drinks in large, 500 ml cans, in a variety of new fruit flavours (watermelon, pomegranate, bubble gum). Hortex introduced a new, refreshing lemon and lime drink in a bigger 1,75l bottle.