Kubuś for kids

Your child should reach for the healthiest foods, both for eating and for drinking. Of course in life everything is the other way around and children enjoy above all what they should not even look at in such an important period of development. And so, sweetened carbonated drinks lead the way among kids who are either able to convince their parents to buy or they secretly drink a chemical bomb. Meanwhile we must not do this! So you have to convince the youngest that what is healthy is delicious at the same time. And here comes the Polish Kubuś, which is already a brand in itself. Juices have been available on the market since the 90s. During this time they have been improved many times to meet their customers standards. The youngest inhabitants of Poland adopted with open arms. No wonder that their peers from other countries wanted to try it. And so popular Kubuś has already reached the markets of Romania, Russia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. What’s the secret of this drinks? It’s no mystery that the juices do not contain preservatives, artificial colors, or added sugar. And that’s all! Well, except that they provide a healthy dose of vitamins. Under the Kubuś banner we will also find water, but also in a more favourable version for children, because it is enriched with tasty fruit. You can buy juices from Stanro wholesalers. We recommend above all: Winnie Play Water + apple fruit peach, Winnie Play Water + fruit apple raspberry, Winnie 100% raspberry carrot apple, Winnie 100% multivitamin, Winnie 100% orange apple.