Grill Season

With the increasingly warmer days we are slowly welcoming the barbecue and picnic season. As every year, we start this period with best-selling, new products on the market. In line with the current trends, in addition to conventional grill spices, the Prymat company has launched a grilled cheese seasoning and a grilled vegetable seasoning (ideal for vegetarians and people who want to reduce meat consumption but not lose the taste of grilled dishes, but also those, who miss the taste of the grilled meat but don’t want to eat it!). On the other hand, Kamis launched this year a range of spices for various Chicken dishes. The Roleski company has introduced a wide range of new street food sauces, also for summer, easy-to-prepare dishes – including wrap and kebab sauce, Belgian fries sauce, pork neck and ribs sauce, thousand island sauce or hot-dog sauce. There is also a separate line of BBQ sauces – with whiskey, chipotle, and dark beer. Thinking about the youngest, Kotlin proposed very mild Kotlinek ketchup – without preservatives and with a milder flavour than traditional ketchup, ideal for the summer dinners outside. Producer or fresh salads and pastes Dega extended it’s offer and included some family-size, spring salads in 500g buckets – white coleslaw, asparagus with broccoli, and with grilled zucchini.

Nestle – Winiary has launched a new series of light vegetable soups – red vegetable soup, green vegetable soup and orange vegetable soup, and offered its customers some summer dessert options – coconut water jelly, pineapple jelly and watermelon lemonade jelly. It has also introduced two summer flavours of popular Princessa Milk-Shake wafers – banana and raspberry, covered in light, white chocolate. The Delecta company decided to make life easier for it’s customers who specialize in the production of homemade jams and created a novelty – Dżemix – a popular jellying agent in a larger pack, for those, who make big batches of summer fruit preserves! All the products and many, more available on our online platform