Everyone loves dumplings

Everyone, without exception, loves dumplings. This dish probably occurs in some form in every culinary culture around the world. Italians eat ravioli and tortellini, China is famous for wonton and jiaozi and in Poland you cand find pierogi on every corner. The whole world knows delicacies from our eastern neighbors. And so in Lithuania we will eat kibins, in Ukraine – vnikniki and while going to Belarus – fried cheburek. Salty, hot, sweet – as many flavors are there in the world – so many you can find in dumplings. Certainly after such a dose of tasty information you have become hungry. For those who do not have time to make them themselves, we recommend dumplings from Gastronom. You will find them on the shelves of stores supplied by STANRO. You may be surprised because some of them come in not very obvious versions. We recommend pierogi with blueberries, with buckwheat, bacon and mushrooms, with cheese and muschroom, with strawberries and spinach.[:]