Easter salad

Easter is time when family meets together at the table. On this occasion we should find plenty of different dishes, including cakes and eggs with mayo. Next to traditional polish vegetable salad you should prepare a spot for an updated variant. Today we propose a multi-layered version. It is easy to prepare, looks great and consists of ingredients that everyone loves. The most important component is cheese and that’s why we recommend wares from Sierpc. This company products and other ingredients you need for a salad you will find in shops supplied by Stanro.

iceberg lettuce
sweet onion
half cans green peas
half cans corn
6 boiled eggs
Package Sierpc cheese
lots of crumbled crispy cooked bacon

Using glass bowl, chopped lettuce, chopped onion, peas, corn and sliced eggs. Completely cover top of salad with the mayonnaise. Sprinkle top with grated cheese, bacon and nachos. Bon Apetite!