Continental Foods

Continental Foods – new products

Continental Foods is our new category created for customers of the MPT Stanro the food wholesale so that they can diversify their store offer.

For several months we have been thinking about expanding our range at Stanro24 with products from other countries. We were particularly interested in Eastern Euorpean countries – Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia and Hungary, but also products from the Greek or Turkish market. After analysing the needs of MPT Stanro’s customers we decided that changes in the local and export market caused by COVID-19 also resulted in changes in customer’s needs. The world and the market are becoming more and more universal and following our mission we wanted to make it even easier for our clients to buy goods. Many of Stanro’s customers have been running stores for years, which are not only limited to the product range from Poland. And the goal of the MPT Stanro the polish food wholesale is to offer a comprehensive range for everone.

In the new category we plan to gradually introduce the best-selling products from Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Greece and Turkey. The products come straight from producers. As a result, our current customers and potential new customers will have the convenience of ordering the entire range products in the store at the best possible prices. Our goal was also to become a more universal supplier open to a new market – a Polish company on the Polish market is a great plus, but an even greater plus is to be a company with broad horizons that knows how to adapt to changes and reach all customers – not only the Polish ones. 

In our new offer at the beginning there will be products of the largest producers from Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey. Then MPT Stanro will expand it with products from other countries after collecting feedback from our customers about what they expect. We hope that you will enjoy our new adventure as much as we do and we are happy for any of your support!

We wish you a happy shopping!

Thanks a lot

The polish food wholesale MPT Stanro