Bratek Household & Cleaning supplies

We would like to proudly introduce a new addition to our suppliers’ group – Bratek – an environmentally friendly manufacturer specializing in the production of household and cleaning products. Bratek is not only about the high-quality kitchen necessities – such as cling films, freezing bags or breakfast paper, but also a whole range of cleaning products such as dishcloths, gloves, sponges and many more. Bratek products are high quality, made of materials resistant to wear and tear so they can be used longer and in heavier conditions.

Bratek is also an environmentally friendly company that cares about our planet – we were the first on the market to introduce their 100% compostable plastic bags, made only from cornstarch. The manufacturer also offers a whole range of products such as trash bags of various sizes (household, office and recycling) ordinary and compostable and completely biodegradable cleaning cloths.

We have also added basic cleaning equipment to our offer – these are mops, brooms, hand brushes and necessary accessories, such as buckets, tips and specialized cloths and bathroom cleaning accessories such as toilet brushes.

Our new manufacturer’s offer also includes all the necessary items for picnicking and barbecuing – paper dishes, disposable cutlery, straws, skewers and many more. We are constantly expanding our offer of industrial and household products, trying to choose planet-friendly companies. Enjoy your shopping!