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Bio Preserves and products from Farma Świętokrzyska

With the beginning of this month we introduced a new, ecological manufacturer to our offer. Farma Świętokrzyska is a family-run company handling the ecological production of dried fruits and nuts, preserves, sourdoughs and bread.

The owners of Farma Świętokrzyska believe that real changes for the environment and for the planet begin on the plate of each of us. They believe that positive nutritional changes help to change the world – our relatives’, our local communities’, and ours. They want to ensure that their customers’ plate is full of fresh, nutritious, organic vegetables and fruit.

Seasonal products used in the production of Farma Świętokrzyska products have much more nutrients than those imported from the other side of the world. It is extremely important that the time between harvesting vegetables and fruits and the moment of their consumption is as short as possible, because even after only 3 days they lose a lot of nutritional value. In addition, vegetables and fruits collected on site do not need transport, so they do not contain chemicals and preservatives needed for preservation.

Farma Świętokrzyska uses only products from its own crops, which guarantees a minimum time between harvesting and completing the order. Their offer includes products such as vegan millet and buckwheat pates, bio cabbage, kale or beetroot, as well as vegan, gluten-free bread spreads – with peas, tomatoes or avocados. Farma Świętokrzyska is also a producer of ecological bread, rice wafers and crackers.

All products are available on our online ordering platform