Healthy dose of refreshment – Tymbark H2Owoc

May 10, 2018

The sun that accompanies us since May Hoilday raises enthusiasm and energy for action. It also encourages us to drink more beverages. If you feel like quenching your thirst with water – we suggest you to taste H2Owoc from Tymbark company.

Tymbark is a brand that Polish consumers have exceptional confidence in and recommend most often to their loved ones. Tymbark is an expert in providing the highest quality juices, nectars and fruit beverages.

Today Tymbark offers us a healthy dose of refreshment – Tymbark H2Owoc. These beverages are unique combinations of water and juice. It doesn’t contain any artificial ingredients or added sugar. It is a drink that perfectly matches healthy trends.

We recommend three flavors: mix of raspberry, grape, apple, blueberry in a blue – purple bottle, mix of pineapple, strawberry and apple in a blue – yellow bottle and mix of strawberry, grape and apple in a blue – red bottle. These bottles are full of colors and expression. They will attract the attention of those who want to stand out from the crowd.

If you are looking for a unique combinations of flavors and at the same time healthy beverages in the original form – reach Tymbark H2Owoc.

All flavors of Tymbark H2Owoc you will find in shops where MPT Stanro supplies its products.