Build your immunity with cream soups

September 13, 2019

Golden Polish autumn – on the one hand it brings a beautiful palette of colors, on the other it is a period of frequent illnesses. Sunny autumn days can delight, but rainy days in september also brings a decrease in energy and immunity. It is worth warming up and stimulating the senses. Cooking a cream soup is a great idea. Preparation is quick and easy.
The cream soup is filling and is not fattening.
Healthy Mind soups are perfect – one hundred percent natural and vegetarian!
You can choose:
Cream of peas – peas will protect you from cancer, atherosclerosis, cataracts, overweight!
Beet cream – vitamin C contained in beets prevents infections, cancer and allergies.
Cream of white vegetables – white vegetables are natural antioxidants. Eating them can prevent the formation of many serious diseases – even cancer.
Pepper cream – pepper reduces the level of bad cholesterol, so protects against atherosclerosis and increases immunity.
Tomato cream – eating tomatoes regularly provides natural sun protection.
Mushroom cream – the presence of mushrooms in the diet helps to lose weight, strengthens immunity, supports the circulatory system.