Take a can for a camping

July 10, 2019

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Holidays have began and we are happy to go camping. When you are resting in the wilderness, what shines the most is, of course, canned food. Maybe you have tried this in the past, when you were a children? You are waiting whole year for that amazing taste from a can, because the best opportunity is exactly during the holidays. In stores are lots of cans, but not all are healthy and tasty. That’ s why you should read labels. If you care about quality of your canned meat, select products which have at least 80% of meat. Granary Rusiecki offers us exactly that and recommends poultry, Podwawelska and Krakow sausages for your barbecue. The delicacies are enclosed in glass jars – this way not only are they safely stored, but also environmentally friendly. They taste delicious especially with bread baked above campfire. Before you go camping, do shopping at stores supplied by Stanro – there you will find the best canned food.
Would you like to smear your preserves on something other than bread from shop? Prepare a home-made wafer!

Half a kilo of flour
A large pinch of salt

You make a flexible dough of flour and water, which you salt, and then stick it on a stick. After that you bake a wafers above the campfire as crispy as you wish and it’s ready!