A quick, tasty and nutritious breakfast to school

September 2, 2018


The first day of school means the beginning of the eternal ritual of preparing breakfast and lunchbox for kids. What to prepare? It has to be fast, tasty and nutritious!

For breakfast, we propose a classic cereals with milk. Do you know this perfect sound of milk being poured into a bowl of cereal? It’s like they’re made for each other. And in many ways, they are! It’s a perfect combination, what gives you a balance of hydration, vitamins, minerals, protein and carbohydrate for a perfect start of your day.
If you need an alternative without lactose, you can use soya, coconut, almond or rice milk for the flakes.

Try for breakfast:
Nestlé Cini Minis Crazy Crush – these crunchy flakes contain whole grains with a cinnamon filling.
Nestlé NESQUIK – these chocolate balls are a source of whole grain and valuable vitamins, iron and calcium.

What to pack in your child’s lunchbox? It depends on your kids’ preferences, but it’s always good to include a small dessert there. It could be:
Nutella & Go – Nutella chocolate-nut cream with grissini fingers for older children or Kinder Joy or Kinder Maxi King for toddlers.
Kinder Joy is the only product that combines the delicious taste of milk and milky-cacao cream with two crunchy wafers. There is in the middle of each egg a unique surprise.
Kinder Maxi King is a unique bar straight from the fridge. It’s a fluffy milk filling with liquid caramel in a delicate wafer covered with chocolate with crispy pieces of nuts.

With such sweet surprises your children will be happy to start the next school year!

Products from Nestle and Ferrero Rocher can be found in a stores where MPT Stanro supplies its products.