A quick snack for various occasions

October 4, 2019

You have unannounced guests and the fridge is empty? Spontaneously invited a friend to chat and want to prepare a quick snack? Or maybe some friends will come to watch the match? In this situation, you should always have chips at home – not ordinary, but lentil ones. Przysnacki will be perfect, you can choose: flavored with red peppers or onions in cream. Importantly, lentil chips contain 40% less fat than potato chips. Fried in sunflower oil do not contain monosodium glutamate.
For this you can make a quick garlic sauce, here is the recipe:

35 dkg of cheese
5 garlic cloves
200 ml cream
200 ml mayonnaise

1. Yellow cheese grate on the smallest mesh of grater, same as garlic
2. Add cream, mayonnaise and pepper to the cheese and garlic. We mix everything.
3. Myrtle and cream can be added at your discretion.