Stop autumn depression

September 20, 2019

Summer is over and we still miss high temperatures and long days. Holidays are associated with physical activity, being outdoors or traveling. When autumn comes, the days get shorter and more often than the sun, we see rain. We hide in homes under a blanket and watch our favorite series. But you can say “stop” the autumn blues and spend time actively. For example, we can invite friends to watch comedy or play board games. We can go to a clearing in the woods and light a bonfire. And these moments may be accompanied by a pasta salad, which will give us energy. A salad is made quickly and easily:


500g cooked pasta
a small can of corn
3-4 soil cucumbers (or pickles)
5 slices of cooked ham
Salt pepper
two tablespoons of mayonnaise.


Combine all ingredients, season to taste – mix with mayonnaise.
Cool in the fridge for a while before serving.
You can sprinkle with dill or chopped parsley
However, if you do not want to waste time making a salad, you can use Lisner’s ready-made suggestions:
• Pasta salad with smoked chicken and broccoli,
• Pasta salad with olives and dried tomatoes,
• Carbonara pasta salad with bacon,
• Hawaiian pasta salad with tuna