Sweet Grandma and Grandpa’s Day

January 17, 2020


Grandmother and grandfather are important people in our lives. They support parents in the care and upbringing of children and coddle grandchildren like no other. They always have a small thing or something sweet, which they surreptitiously (that mum does not see) their beloved grandchildren.
They give their whole heart, devote time and energy, they are always ready to help. You can learn from them many interesting things from the time of their youth or ask what was their mother or dad in childhood.

For many people, grandparents are also associated with a carefree vacation time or holidays spent in a family circle. It is thanks to them that the family stays close, maintains traditions, consolidating bonds. They carefully collect old photographs and family souvenirs which are elements that build identity. For all this we owe them deep and undying gratitude. We also owe them strong foundations, on which we build our own family.

It is worth remembering about them, calling and visiting as often as possible – because each year they lose their vitality and need our support more and more. And on the occasion of Grandma’s and Grandpa’s Day, let’s sweeten their lives a bit, as they always did and do. On these special days we bring them a chocolate box full of sweetness in the company of a fragrant bouquet of flowers. Choose something from specially dedicated products such as:

  • Baron – Chocolate Box Choco Jelly Grandmother’s / Grandfather’s Day 175
  • Baron – Box of chocolates sweet obsession for Grandma and Grandpa 250g
  • Vobro – Pralines delissimo assorted Grandma’s / Grandpa’s Day 250g
  • Vobro – Pralines panna cotta. Grandma’s day / Grandpa’s 200g

Remember, however, that the most important is your presence and a warm and attentive conversation.