Iced Coffee Recipe – inspired by Piña Colada

June 10, 2018

This iced coffee recipe is inspired by Piña Colada. It will get you through hot summer days. Making a truly delicious iced coffee at home insn’t difficult. Taste this coffee and see how amazing homemade iced coffee can be. The combination of pineapple, coconut, vanilla and coffee is amazing!

• 100 ml Pineapple juice (e.g. Nektar ananasowy Hortex)
• 15 ml Coconut syrup (e.g. Syrop barmański kokos Victoria Cymes)
• 100 ml Coconut water
• 1 small espresso – your favorite coffee brand
• 5 ml Vanilla extract (e.g. Ekstrakt naturalny wanilia Bourbon Dr.Oetker)
• Ice cubes

Mix in a shaker the coconut syrup, coconut water and pineapple juice. Prepare black coffee and pour it over the shaker. Add vanilla extract and a few ice cubes. Shake it vigorously. Pour coffee over the glass carefully. Serve with, for example, piece of pineapple or orange. You can add whipped cream on the top.

 Ingredients for this iced coffee can be found in stores where MPT Stanro delivers its products