April 22, 2018

Are you physically active? Do you often cycle, go to the gym or jog? Taste MLEKOVITA SUPER BODY ACTIVE – high-protein drink that will help you to regenerate your muscles and will have a positive effect on you after exercise. You can choose between 3 flavors: banana, chocolate and strawberry. Try them all!

Super Body Active is a high-protein drink based on cow’s milk proteins.The main raw material used for production has been subjected to advanced treatment to increase the protein content and reduce the lactose content by as much as 80%.

This delicious drink contains a set of both BCAA and whole-day amino acids and up to 20 grams of pure protein per serving. Proteins are an excellent source of energy, they accelerate muscle regeneration and are a building material and source of essential amino acids. It is also excellent source of the most important macro and micro components. In addition, this drink is sweetened only with steviol glycosides.

MLEKOVITA SUPER BODY ACTIVE is an ideal solution for active people, athletes, adepts of gyms, martial arts or amateurs of endurance disciplines. It will also be a good replacement for a meal. This drink is suitable for people on a gluten-free diet. Comfortable and easy to use packaging (ready to drink) with a wide cap makes the drink consumed practically anywhere, anytime: at work, travel, school and gym; you can eat it before, during or after physical exertion.

MLEKOVITA SUPER BODY ACTIVE you will find in the stores where MPT Stanro delivers its products.