Polish traditional dishes for Easter

March 29, 2018

You will always find these dishes at the Polish Easter table

• Easter lamb
Sugar Easter lamb is a traditional centrepiece of the Polish Easter table.

• Hot dish: Biała kiełbasa – white sausage
Biała kiełbasa – it is white sausage made from unsmoked minced pork covered in a thin layer of pork casings. Usually is well seasoned with garlic and marjoram.

• Hot dish: Żurek – soup
Żurek – it is a soup made of home-made or store-bought sourdough from rye flour. In żurek you find also some white sausage and boiled egg.

If you want to prepare żurek you may use sourdough in the bottle – from Kuchnia Polska brand

• Śledź – Herring
Śledź – herring is very popular in Poland especially for Christmas and Easter time. There are many ways of serving herrings. Usually herrings are marinated in vinegar or oil with raw onion.

You may taste herring fillets in a delicate cream sauce with onion, apple and cucumber from Lisner company.

• Jajka – Eggs
Eggs are typical dish in many countries during Easter. The egg symbolises new life and Christ’s resurrection. Eggs are served boiled, stuffed, fried or as a part of salad.

• Mazurek – Cake
There are many ways to prepare and decorate mazurek. Mazurek is a flat shortbread topped with combination of preserves, nuts, almond, dried fruits.
This cake has arrived to Poland from Turkey in the 17th century.

You may taste Polish mazurek from bakery Cukiernia Dąber

• Sernik – Cheescake
The best Polish cheescake is made with twaróg, which resembles cottage cheese or ricotta. There are many recipes for cheesecake. You may find the recipe for traditional Polish cheescake in our older Facebook posts.

Try to preapre cheescake in Polish style using cheese – twaróg from Włoszczowa brand

• Babka – sweet yeast cake
The name “Babka” derives from the word “grandmother” and it refers to its shape: a grandmother’s wide, pleated skirt.
Babka – it’s a barely sweet, yeast-leavened cake with raisins. It’s fluffy and delicate, the middle ground between bread and regular cake.

You may taste Polish babka wielkanocna from bakery Cukiernia Dąber.

Many Polish traditional dishes for Easter you will find in in stores where MPT Stanro delivers its goods.