Picnic in the open air

April 30, 2019

źródło: www.pixabay.com

The weather gets great for dining outdoors. We daydream about leaving our homes and works concrete walls to lounge on the green grass. This becomes more popular way of spending free time. That’s why whenever it gets warmer all parks, woods and beaches are crowded with people seeking nature. Of course for your picnic you’ll need a basket with all treats inside. Next to delicious sandwiches, homemade cake and salty snacks, there should be a place for something both delicious and important to your health. We recommend BIO Herbapol syrups, which can enhance taste of any tea and when connected with water make refreshing beverage. In stores supplied by STANRO we can find chokeberry and respberry syrups, both made with fruits from certified ecologic farms. In a botttle we won’t find anything beside chosen fruit and sugar cane. You shouldn’t miss them during any family picnic or while meeting with friends – this taste will take you even closer to the nature!