A gift from Santa

December 6, 2019

Źródło: www.pixabay.com

December 6 is a special day in the life of every child. They can expect a surprise from a bearded, bellied gentleman well known all over the world. Of course, we’re talking about Santa Claus, who always remembers about children in every latitude. However, if Santa could not reach someone, then parents can quickly compose a very special package.

In this package should not miss a chocolate Santa figurine – this is the absolute basis! A delicious surprise from the Alpine milk from Milka will definitely bring a smile to your child’s face.

Christmas is getting closer, so the perfect gift will be a gingerbread house. The Tago spicy home is an extremely fragile cookie that can be made into a home. Just think how much fun you will make to your child.

But in Santa Claus Day, you can bring joy not only to a child, but also to adults. What can you give a loved one? Woseba coffee beans are perfect for coffee lovers! MOCCA FIX GOLD is a blend of high-quality coffees from South America, Africa and Asia. Thanks to the long roasting process, the beans have gained a characteristic, intense aroma and a full, harmonious taste.

Something sweet for coffee – bitter chocolate with a creamy filling with a distinct coffee taste, inspired by Italian espresso coffee, a delicacy from Wedel.

Or maybe a sweet medicine for autumn and winter colds? With delicious, juicy cherries? Jam Stovit is a feast for the palate and support the body in the fight against infections.