A bit of sweet from Santa

November 22, 2019

A magical time will come for many families. Full of love, hope and meetings with loved ones. Shops already offer Christmas products so that each of us can properly prepare for a joyful celebration. The shelves are full of Christmas decorations, moody lanterns or aromatic spices. The smell of oranges and cloves is a characteristic Christmas fragrance for many of us. In addition, the aroma of gingerbread spice and spruce branches and we already have the holiday mood in all its glory.

But before that wonderful time will come a lot of preparation. House cleaning, cooking and baking, as well as shopping, shopping and shopping again. Remember, don’t do anything at the last minute. It is worth organizing baking gingerbread or making dumplings together. Family cooking will strengthen your bonds and will intensify the magical, christmas mood. Enjoy not only free time on holidays, but also a preparation period.

And before Christmas, on December 6, our children visit St. Nicholas. It is worth supporting him in composing the package and adding sweets from Wedel:

– Choinka z zawieszką 48g
– Domek Żelki Mix 180g
– Mieszanka Kula 408g
– Świąteczny Dzwonek Pierrot 141g
– Torcik Wedlowski 250g

And maybe oranges also! After all, a real package from Santa can not do without them.