Do you know how people celebrate Easter in the UK?

March 26, 2018

Easter – the most important Christian holiday, is celebrated in many countries around the world. However, the inhabitants of each country have their own unique traditions connected with these days. Read about Easter traditions In England.

Maundy Thursday – a day of charity

The days preceding Easter, especially Maundy Thursday and Good Friday are extremely important for the British. They are celebrated these days in different way than Poles.
Maundy Thursday in the United Kingdom features the monarch offering Maundy money, also known as Royal Maundy, to selected senior citizens – one man and one woman for each year of the monarch’s age. The monarch presents each man and woman with a red and white purse during the service. The red purse traditionally contains an allowance for clothing and provisions and the white purse holds Maundy coins to match the monarch’s age.

Good Friday and hot rolls

Good Friday is traditionally a day of fasting (not eating any food). However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t eat anything in Britain that day. A traditional Good Friday food is the called “hot cross buns”. A hot cross bun is a spiced sweet bun made with currants or raisins, marked with a cross on the top.

Sweetness and Easter fun

What foods are traditionally eaten at Easter time? Of course, lots of sweets! In the UK children believe that if they are good the “Easter Bunny ” will leave (chocolate) huge eggs for them.
Additionally small chocolate eggs usually are hidden in some corners of the home or garden, and their are searched on Easter morning by children. In some British towns, ancient games such as rolling eggs usually take place on Easter Monday. The participants of this game try to roll the egg as fast as possible, so that it will not break.

It is also worth underline that the Easter holidays in Great Britain are exceptionally long – lasting two weeks. Thanks to this, children have plenty of time to eat all the sweets they have received!

The main Easter meal in Britain is a baked lamb. On the table you may also find boiled eggs and cookies with raisins in the shape of eggs or bunnies. Typically, they also make a cake called Simnel Cake, whose recipe goes back to the Middle Ages. It is a fruit cake with two layers of marzipan, one of which covers the cake and the other is baked in the middle. This cake is decorated with 11 marzipan eggs, symbolizing the apostles, omitting Judas.

On Easter Monday no one will be flooded with water – like in Poland. On the other hand, it is a day that the British are most willing to spend in the open air, walking, taking part in traditional games, watching folk dance shows or specially organized sports matches. In the end, this holiday also aims to welcome the spring!

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