Mustards – get to know their taste

April 4, 2018

Finally spring came to us and it opens the barbecue season. One of the necessary additions to grilled meat is mustard. Do you know that there are nearly 4,000 of its types and flavors. If you don’t know which one to choose – here’s our mini crib. Today we present Prymat brand mustards.

Sarepska mustard has strong and spicy grains of specially selected white and black mustard seeds. It stands out thanks to its strong, coarse-grained structure, quite spicy taste and intense aroma.

Russian mustard has spicy, black mustard seeds which guarantee an intense and strong taste and a unique coarse-grained structure. This is the spiciest mustard from all Prymat mustards that definitely satisfies the delights of the palate of fans of strong culinary tastes.

• Mild and commonly likable taste and delicate, creamy consistency of Prymat dainty mustard make it a favoured addition on the Polish table. It will improve the taste of colds and baked meats.

• Sublime and mild taste of Prymat Kremska mustard is made by pounded white mustard grains. It perfectly improves taste of cold and warm dishes.

Many types of mustard you will find in the stores where MPT Stanro delivers its goods